Controversial church leaders. Africa has some controversial pastors who encourage their congregants to eat strange things, like snakes, in the name of God.

1. South Africa’s Pastor Mboro

Pastro Mboro has had many scandals over the years and it seems that’s what keeps him relevant. He first claimed he went to hell and killed Satan and recently Mboro made headlines after conducting a bedroom Sunday service live on TV on which he asked couples to kiss and touch each other. 

2. Malawi’s Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

SA based Malawian Pastor was recently in the news for charging people up R100k to dine with him. Earlier this year he made headlines when he bought his wife a Mercedes Benz AMG for her birthday. 

3. Zimbabwe’s Pastor Paul Sanyangore

The Zimbabwean Pastor made headlines after a video of him in his church surfaced on social media in which he claimed to have been speaking to Jesus on a cellphone.

4. Nigeria’s Apostle Johnson Suleman

The Nigerian Pastor was embroiled in a s*x scandal with a popular Nollywood actress. He had allegedly bought the actress an apartment and a luxury car. She turned out to not be the only one as more women came out claiming to have had affairs with the Pastor.

5. South Africa’s Light Monyeki

Pastor Light Monyeki from Grace Living Hope Ministries gave his congregants Rattex to help with ‘nourishment and healing’. He believes the poison can heal his followers.