Welcome to our second part of all the baby mama drama.

Judging from the Top 5 that you’ve seen thus far, do you think that all these mama’s are only after the money or that these daddy’s are just dead beat fathers that think that they’re exempted from paying maintenance because they’re famous?

Whilst we give you a minute to think about that, check out Part 1 of our Top 15 South African Celebrities That Have Baby Mama Drama List.

15 .Robert Marawa

As we all may remember Robert Marawa’s baby mama was quite the ‘expensive’ one. Zoey Mthiyane first moved to Australia with her son and then came back to SA to sue for child maintenance because her son was leading an expensive that she couldn’t maintain. Zoey then took the sports analyst to court for R28 900.00 maintenance money. Long story short…she’s currently expecting baby number two and is set to marry an international musician…between her and Robert? The battle has not been won, yet.

14.Bob Mabena

Kaya’s number one personality, Bob Mabena. So apparently Bob Mabena is another case of deny, deny and deny some more. The radio personality labelled his ex-girlfriend Hlengiwe Mthethwa as a psycho and stalker when she came out claiming that her kid is his. When Bob was asked about his relationship with Hlengiwe, he admitted that he had sexual intercourse with her but he used a condom every single time…Hlengiwe believes Bob denied everything because he was engaged to get married then. DRAMA!

13.Bongani Fassie

Sjoe! Bongani Fassie, where do we even begin with his story? Well this is a different case we’re about to present to you, Bonagni’s baby mama left him with their daughter. She said goodbye one day and never looked back. The funny part about this story is that the baby mama left the house she shared with Bongani only to go squat on a friend’s couch, haha. Well big ups to Bongz for stepping up and being a great father to his daughter.

12. Siphiwe Mkhonza

The craziest baby mama drama we’ve heard of thus far. Lord knows where Siphiwe Mkhonza gets the time to make all these babies. Someone please do fill us in. The Bafana Bafana and Kaizer Chiefs defender apparently has 15 kids with 15 different baby mama’s. Sjoe! How does he even keep up? Sunday Sun spoke to six of Siphiwe’s baby mama’s and they all confirmed that he doesn’t take care of any of his kids. When his current girlfriend was asked about the matter, Zakithi Saaban, laughed off the allegations. When Siphiwe was contacted for comment he didn’t want to speak about any of it…uhmmm…he’s got a lot of drama coming his way soon.

11.Oupa Manyisa

Oupa’s baby mama drama is basically about a girl who couldn’t let go really. Thato Makgaka was so persistent about Oupa being her baby daddy she even denied the DNA test results. She believed that the DNA test results were tampered with by Oupa and his legal team before they were presented to the court. Well Oupa says he knew from the beginning that Thato was just trying to trap him…

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