AKA has come out to slam recent reports, which claimed he is currently in hot water with the tax man for allegedly owing at least R2-million.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE on Tuesday, the rapper labelled the claims as another smear campaign by his ex-record label boss, Raphael Benza.

AKA said he would not be flaunting his riches on social media if he owed SARS money.
"Let me just say this, everything is 100% (on my side). I don't owe SARS any money. I wouldn't be posting my watches or my cars if I did. This is nothing more than Vth Season and Benza planting stories (about me ) in the media."

AKA's comments comes just days after City Press reported that the rapper's lawyer used SARS as an excuse for the rapper apparently not paying Benza an amount of R650,000 which was supposed to be settled by the end of November.
The report claimed that AKA's lawyer provided papers saying that the rapper owed SARS at least R2- million.

The Baddest hitmaker claimed that Benza was trying to tarnish his reputation.
"50%, in fact 100% of the time it's just Benza going to whoever will listen and saying things about me. If I had any problems with SARS, how can I post things and I mean and everybody can see for themselves... Life is great, my life is great and I am doing well. It is just unfortunate that Vth Season is on its last and Benza is doing everything he can to tarnish my name."
AKA and Benza have been embroiled in a public spat ever since the rapper left the record label earlier this year.  The rapper left the record label to become an independent artist and start his own company, Beam Group.
Benza told City Press that all AKA's money woes were a result of his own negligence and that when he managed AKA he only managed the rapper's brand and music.
"I advised Kiernan regularly to pay Sars and he told me he was paying. I never asked for proof. I trusted him. He is a grown man,” Benza said.
Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the rapper previously denied that he owed Vth Season any money, and said the company had lost its prestige after his departure.
"I don't owe Vth Season any money. Vth Season owes me money. Vth Season was floating their entire company on me. I was the only artist that really ever made them money," he said at the time.
AKA also took to social media to "clear the air".