‘He’s Not Husband Material,’ Zodwa On Her Ben 10! A few months ago the socialite shared that she was single and focusing on her career but it seems she has finally found herself a new bae.

Zodwa couldn’t help but share details of her new romance saying her new man who is younger than her is not with her for her fame.

“He is not in the industry. He is a banker and he is not attracted to my fame. Actually, we met before I was famous and then we lost contact. He messaged me and we started hanging out again but he is not with me for my fame,” she gushed.

Zodwa says she’s not worried about the age gap and will not be getting married. “He is fun but he is not husband material. We are just hanging out. He comes to my shows, we eat, we drink and we do a whole lot of other things together. It is just someone to talk to.”