Actress Khayakazi Kula Reveals The Most Shocking Question Asked In Auditions! Times are changing and everyone seems to be moving with what’s on trend even those who are not expected to.

We thought actors and actresses gained social media following because of their impressive work but it turns out lack of big numbers on social media can block you from getting your dream role nomatter how great of an actor or actress you are.

Khayakazi Kula recently revealed to TshisaLIVE how she was asked about her social media following at an audition which she described as disturbing.

“It was the most mind boggling thing for me. I had to fill in how many followers I had on the audition form. They wanted to know how many Instagram followers I had and at that time I didn’t even have Instagram. Why did that matter? I had done a great job on my other gigs. My talent and skill could speak way better for me,” she told the publication.

Khayakazi says it became difficult to watch TV and see talentless but Instagram famous people getting the roles.

“Jobs are hard to come by in this industry as it is. I was so frustrated because you’d be watching TV and see all these new faces – most of them not even talented – and you’re like; ‘but I’ve going to auditions. What is going on?’ I even stopped TV. I wasn’t bitter, but I was like ‘why must yellow bones with a lot of followers take our jobs?'”