The mere mention of Vusi Kunene’s name will have some women blushing with excitement. But it has always been his roles that have been the main reason why we constantly appreciate this veteran actor.

You can’t mention Vusi Kunene without thinking of his character Jack Mabaso, these two go together like a hand and glove. We actually wouldn’t be surprised if he gets addressed as Jack Mabasa when walking the streets of Joburg.

His role as Bhekifa Ngubane on Isibaya has also garnered him great success…

…so much so that he’s received countless awards throughout these past two years since returning to Generations and acting on Isibaya.
If he’s nominated for an award, he’s almost guaranteed to walk away with not one but two awards.

A lot of his fellow actors have spoken fondly of Vusi Kunene and the great aura he brings on set. Upon his departure from Isibaya his cast members spoke to Destiny Connect and had a lot of great words to say about the actor.

Comedian Celeste Ntuli has always commended Vusi for his craft and how seriously he takes his work when on set:

“The moment he put on his character’s clothes, even before the cameras were shooting, he was no longer Vusi, he was Bhekifa, and that definitely rubbed off on me. That type of commitment is not something you find in every actor,” said the comedian
Andile Gumbi who played the role of his son on Isibaya also spoke highly of Vusi’s acting.
“One major thing I’ve learnt from Vusi and which I’m still trying to perfect myself is the command that he has over the screen, and the attention of people. He always gives more than is expected of him on screen and you acting alongside him can’t help but do the same. He throws fireballs, and you have to throw just as much back,” he says.
If you haven’t watched Vusi Kunene on A United Kingdom we suggest you do. We believe it is by far his best film role to date.