Pics! Connie Ferguson Serves Cool Granny Vibes Hanging With Grandson! She looks nothing like a grandma, could be the reason why she’s the coolest grandma around too.

If there’s anything telling about the actress’ Instagram page, it’s how much she enjoys spending quality time with her family. Connie recently shared sweet photos of her quality time with her grandson and they are the cutest pics you’ll see.

“Sometimes I’m Mom, sometimes I’m Grandma. But whatever he calls me, it is with pure unadulterated LOVE! Oh what a blessing Ronewa is in our home!🙏🏾 I love him so!❤️😍 We thank God for our children, our children’s children, for FAMILY!🙏🏾❤️,” she captioned the photos.

Swipe left to see more of her growing grandson.