It may seem Paxton has found herself in a bit of hot water, but it’s not all as it seems.

The accusations of Paxton allegedly stealing a song all started from a simple tweet that spiralled out of control.

A Twitter user with the handle @ultboyrepublic went into a rage of anger pointing out that the Paxton’s recent single titled Demonstrate which she performed on Idols SA recently is allegedly not her own song.The Twitter user then went on to accuse The Idols contestant of not crediting the Korean pop group or even the composers of the song

Uhm but who is this Twitter user and do they even know the legalities that occurred behind the creation of Paxton’s song? Surely Paxton and Idols SA would not let an artist plagiarize someone else’s song now would they?

Gallo Records has since come to Paxton’s defense and have clearly stated that Paxton has not plagiarised or stolen anyones song.

Here’s the brief statement below.

It has come to attention that certain individuals on social media have accused Paxton of plagiarism and theft based on her debut Idols single “Demonstrate”.

1. This is not theft. Paxton is the SINGER of the song only, she has not and does not claim to have written the song or to own the Copyright.

2. Very few people write their own songs when it comes to Idols.

3. There is a difference between a composer or songwriter and a performer. Even big stars like Justin Bieber perform hits written for them by others. This does not mean they have stolen the song.

In summary, there are no rights infringement, no plagiarism, no theft have been made in creation fo the song. Gallo has stated that this is just a talented young girl singing a song that was given to her to sing by the label.

For the full statement check it out here.

Gallo Records has kindly requested no further accusations or hate speech or slander directed at. Paxton and Mthokozisi are the top 2 contestants of this season, both singers stand in line of possibly winning the Idols SA title.