As concerns over music icon, Robbie Malinga’s health mount, fans were shocked to learn today that the veteran was hospitalized this morning.

Robbie was due to appear at the listening session of his new, self-titled album at Universal Studios this morning, but was a no-show.

This as the man of the moment was admitted to hospital allegedly to treat a “minor illness”.

The star was reportedly taken to hospital by his wife this morning.

Robbie’s manager, Sipho Dube spoke to TshisaLIVE about the incident, saying that the musician had been taken to hospital after “experiencing symptoms of exhaustion, and was diagnosed with flu and fatigue”.

Sipho also told the publication that Robbie is now at home resting, but that all of his work commitments for the week have been cancelled.

“He was shooting a music video over the weekend and this was an unfortunate side effect of that. It is just a minor flu. He is at home recovering. He’ll be fine tomorrow and we have cancelled all his promotions of the album until his launch on Friday,” he told the publication.

Sipho insisted that Robbie was doing just fine, however the musician himself told the Sunday World at his 47th birthday party last week that he defied death.

“I was scared for my kids man. My kids are so spoiled I make sure that I do everything for them. My wife as well, she’s still young to have her husband die … my fans. It was scary but I’m a strong person, I am a believer.

“When I first heard that I have this disease last December I had just come back from France and I was scared. You know how doctors are, they would scare you, ‘if you don’t do this or that’ and ‘let’s buy time’ those terms they use … so I asked, ‘why are we buying time, am I dying?’

“I have anaemia, my body couldn’t pump blood anymore, it had to do with the liver,” Robbie told the Sunday World.

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