Babes Wodumo’s Father Defends Her Booty Cheeks! The singer has been trying to break the internet lately with her booty cheeks and some people on social media have been left less impressed by the star.

Well, her Preacher dad had a few words for his daughter’s haters who hate on Babes’ booty cheeks. Babes’ father told Drum Magazine that though they had a different vision for Babes, they’re proud of what she has achieved.

“We are pastors, Babes isn’t. She has her own calling. If her bum-cheeks show and people feel it’s a disgrace, then I apologise for her. But when I see my daughter on stage I am proud of her beauty,” he said.

The Pastor went on to say he didn’t have any problem with how Babes dances and that they had accepted that she can’t please everyone.