Social media has heated up of the latest controversial photo that has been doing the rounds online. Some social media users say that the family only brought their housekeeper to the restaurant to change the baby’s nappies.
But other South Africans have a different viewpoint on the situation.

“I had to witness this Fego Westwood Mall. She wasn’t invited to a 4 seater table. She didn’t eat anything. She did sing a lullaby to those twins. But, I’m sure this not racism, it’s just people having dinner with their ‘less than a dog pet’.”
And here is some more:
“This is what they think of us, we are mere nothing but animals in their eyes. But how do you do this to another human being who takes care of ur most valuable thing (kids). They have guts I tell yah.”
“I witnessed a family of two parents and one kid bring their helper to the doctor’s surgery and she had to sit outside in the cold while they waited.”
“Who will change the nappies when the twins shit or start crying when they are trying to enjoy their food? I wish we could excel as blacks & get our mothers out of this then we will see who they will hire to take care of their kids.”
Source: Citizen