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Somizi Weighs In On Emtee’s Unfortunate Incident!

Somizi Weighs In On Emtee’s Unfortunate Incident! You didn’t think the whole Emtee LIVE video incident would die out without Somsom weighing in did you?

Speaking to his radio co-hosts on Metro FM Fresh Breakfast, Somizi said he thinks it’s a mistake that would have been prevented if only Emtee surrounded himself with the right people.

“For me, it was a mistake but one that could have been avoided from the onset. It worries me when I see a career that is doing well and a talented young man making stupid mistakes because you’re surrounded with fans that are disguised as friends,” Somizi said.

“Console yourselves all you want. All I am saying is if you are short, you can only stretch your arm to a certain extent. If you are tall you are tall,” Somizi said on Emtee’s manhood jokes

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