Khaya Dladla On How Fans Have Landed Him In Hospital A Few Times! The Uzalo actor recently opened up about his craziest fan moments, turns out it gets hectic for the much loved star.

“There have been a few hospital visits, a few cuts here and there. Fans are just so excited that they don’t even notice they are hurting me,” he said.

Khaya admitted that he almost wanted to quit on his dreams because it was too much. “The first time, I cried. I even called home and was like: ‘no, this is not me’. A fan literally kissed me, tongue in and everything. It was so disturbing, ” he said.

The actor says he had to hire bodyguards to protect him after he got bruises and cuts from crazy fans.

“For the longest time I tried to fight it because I didn’t want to do this whole thing of: ‘Oh, now he has bodyguards,’ but I’ve actually been hurt enough now. It is better now. The bodyguards handle the situation and I am able to interact with people without them jumping on me.”