Actress Thandy Matlaila’s character on The Queen is a notorious flirt and the actress has explained her stance on flirting, saying she has no problem with admiring “God’s work”.

Thandy’s care-free character, Cleo flirts with every man she meets, and the actress told the Fresh Breakfast team that she too has no problem with flirting in reality.

“As Thandy, I’ve always had one rule in every relationship. That, just because you are on a diet doesn’t mean you cannot read the menu. I feel like it keeps things going and keeps them fresh,” she said.
The actress explained that her character is relatable because she draws inspiration from her own life.

She admitted that Cleo flirts a lot but her husband is certain that she is truly just looking with no intention to touch.

“That is why most ladies relate because I’m like guys I am human. Can I look? It doesn’t mean I’m gonna touch or eat, but it’s in my face can I admire? Can I just admire. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna jump in bed with you, it just means that I am admiring God’s work,” she said.

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