For media personality and actress Nomzamo Mbatha the storms in Durban hit home. In a series of tweets she shared how life used to be back in the day for her. “There’s so many factors to the KZN storms that leave me utterly broken for all people affected,” she said.

She talks about how difficult her family had it during rainy days. “Whenever there was a storm, my grandmother and I would sit in the lounge. Wait for the house to flood and the storm to pass,” Nomzamo narrated. She went on to explain that Once the storm went quiet,they would then get buckets and brooms to sweep the water out of the house until morning.

It is a blessing that her life turned out this way. She is one of the most sucessful and relevant media personality of our time. It is quite refreshing that Nomzamo is able to empathize with those who are still faced with the same situation