Dumi Masilela’s real-life mother and brother appeared on Rhythm City to pay tribute to him. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

In a final tribute to Dumi Masilela, an on-screen memorial was held for his character, Sfiso Ngema, who was written out of the series the exact same way that Dumi died.

Dumi’s mother Sabatha Magdeline Masilela and brother, Thabani Masilela, appeared in the emotional episode which aired on Wednesday, 18 October.

“When the time came to make the decision as to how Sfiso’s character will be exited from the series, Rhythm City came to talk to us as a family,” said Sabatha.

“We felt that it was important to tell his last moments through his character, Sfiso, as a way to raise awareness of the harrowing crimes which affect us all as South Africans.”

“We could not let Dumi’s passing be in vain without the message being conveyed.”

On her Rhythm City cameo appearance, Sabatha said: “We chose to be part of the memorial episode because we wanted to be a part of the celebration of the work that Dumi did.”

Her message to Dumi’s colleagues, friends and fans: “Let’s not let Dumi’s death be in vain. Let’s stand up against crime. Let’s stand for the love that Dumi showed every day of his life. Thank you for celebrating my boy’s life.” Rest in Peace, Dumi. We will miss and love you always.

Source : eTV