DJ Zinhle Opens Up About When She Moved Into Pearl Thusi’s House! Now this is for everyone who thought Pearl and Zinhle’s friendship was spiteful and just for social media. Turns out the two are really there for each other especially when no one is looking.

In a recent interview on the Channel O’s new show called, ‘Top 5’, the DJ opened up about the time she had to move into Pearl’s house when her new home was still under construction.

“I need her a lot. I didn’t have a home, I was homeless because of the building and she was in New York. She literally forced me to move into her house. I was really uncomfortable but she was like, ‘I’m not hearing it, you’re moving to my house.’ So I moved my nanny, my baby, everything to her house,” Zinhle revealed.

Now that’s a true friendship that goes beyond matching outfits on social media.