DJ Fresh On Why He Kept Quiet On Bonang And Euphonik’s Assault Drama! DJ Fresh is close friends with Euphonik and also a good friend of Bonang which made it awkward for him when the couple broke up.

DJ Fresh was asked by a caller on his radio show why he never publicly commented the assault since he is a very vocal advocate against woman and child abuse.

In response, Fresh said he didn’t say anything because he loves both Euphonik and Bonang and didn’t want to be caught in between.

“I’ll tell you why I never made a comment on it… because they are both people I love the one says […], the other says […], what do I say then? Because it’s clear, I’ve always made it clear, my friends know how I feel about woman abuse and he swore to me that he never beat her up.

“She said he did, in fact, for me, that’s why I hoped it had gone to court so that it gets to breathe there and hopefully the truth comes out because the truth lies somewhere between the two of them,” Fresh said.