Azania Defends Daughter Shamiso After Black Twitter Labelled Her A ‘Stocko’! Sunday turned out to be a nightmare for radio personality Azania as she found herself going on a twitter rant defending her 19 year old daughter, Shamiso’s tweets.

You might wanna grab some popcorn for this one.

It all started Sunday morning which was the morning after the Migos concert which Shamiso attended. The young beauty took to twitter sharing her experience. In the series of tweets, Shamiso claims to have been invited to the American trap group’s private section and got fed alcohol.

Azania’s 19 year old daughter fired back saying she was never organized to be a ‘stocko’.

Black twitter took over calling the teenager all sorts of derogatory names and started tagging Azania in the trolling tweets. Azania retaliated in a series of tweets defending her daughter. The radio host says she’s confident in the woman she has raised but expressed her disappointment at Shamiso’s tweets. She however believes her daughter’s version of events.

She then tweeted a photo of herself in bed with a guy who is suspected to be one of the Migos bandmates.

A few minutes after tweeting, a twitter user by the name of Zane posted his own series of tweets claiming he had organized for Shamiso to be Migos’ ‘stocko’ which basically means groupie.

Black twitter then came for Azania who had claimed she bought the tickets for her daughter whilst the ticket Shamiso had shown off were written, ‘promoter suite’.