‘I Have No Plans To Marry Again,’ Says Ayanda Ncwane! It’s almost a year since Sfiso Ncwane passed away. His widow Ayanda Ncwane has been working hard since for their two sons and marriage is not it her plans.

In a recent interview with Drum Magazine, Ayanda shared how she and Sfiso were trying for a daughter when he died.

“We had been trying for a baby. He wanted a daughter who looked like me. I wish he’d kept his semen stored in a lab or something. It would have been my wish to give him the daughter he wanted,” she said.

The mom of two shared how helping other widows helps her heal her own pain. stating that she has no plans to marry again.

“As I sat listening to people comforting and advising her, I wished they could know nothing made sense to her at that stage. Nothing can prepare you for the journey that lies ahead,” she said on visiting Simpiwe Ngema after she lost her husband.