Actress Tina Jaxa Claims Oskido Wants Her Back! It’s a celebrity love back without the happy ending for once love birds Oskido and actress Tina Jaxa.

According to Sunday World, Oskido and Tina bumped into each other at an event and he asked for love back. Tina claims she told the music legend that he was puke that she’d never swallow back

“I told him that’s never gonna happen because I don’t date people that I dated before. He is like puke that I won’t swallow back. He told me that he lives in Centurion because he has moved out of the only house he built in Carswald. I was like ‘where do I get in there?’.It’s never gonna happen,” she told the publication.

Oskido didn’t deny that he saw Tina at an event but says he only greeted her not to be rude. Oskido called the story a typical Tina stance of running to the media to create controversy and look for attention.

“She approached me and greeted me and I greeted her back because I didn’t want to be negative towards her. I then left the venue immediately after my performance.

“I have no time. My life is starting to be at another level. I’m at peace with myself. I think I will be even scared to greet her in the future,” he said.