DJ Fresh Denies Having Beef With Glen Lewis And Unathi! DJ Fresh took over from Glen Lewis and Unathi when they both quit Metro FM but did that cause some awkwardness or beef amongst the radio legends?

After months of speculation, DJ Fresh finally addressed the rumors on his Breakfast show. “I know for a fact that generally, in our industry, there is awkwardness when I am doing a show you used to do,” he said.

Glen and Fresh worked together on an album many years ago but Fresh rubbished beef rumors being the reason why they haven’t worked together in recent times.

“When I was at YFM and Glen was at Metro FM, we both did the afternoon drive shows and there was a perceived beef between us. We would also take potshots at each other. We never hated each other. We worked together on Gatecrasher Meets Afrikha through Gallo Music because Glen had a deal there. There is no beef. The fact that we have not done a second album has nothing to do with beef.”