Zodwa Explains The Difference Between Herself And Skolopad! Whilst the idea of having Zodwa and Skolopad work together might be a genius one, it’s most likely to never happen.

All because Zodwa doesn’t believe Skolopad is good for her brand. After refusing to take a photo with Skolopad and shading each other back and forth, Zodwa has finally explained why they are like water and oil.

“Skolopad says she sings. I don’t sing. Even on her Instagram, I don’t see exactly what she is about. Is she after money or what? She’s just there… (saying things like) ‘Euphonik I want to help you get over Bonang’ and stuff.

“She goes to every award ceremony for the sake of it, nominated or not. There’s nothing wrong with that, its her thing. She’s here for the fame, I am here for the money. That is why we don’t mix,” Zodwa explained.