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29 Year-old AKA says “Mandela Is Almost Like Jesus To Us”

“Mandela Is Almost Like Jesus To Us,” Says ! From making a hip hop Gospel album telling people not to forget to pray to comparing Nelson Mandela to Jesus?

Whilst Nelson Mandela is undoubtedly one of the greatest heroes, did AKA take it too far by comparing him to Jesus? The rapper shared how he wanted to get a classic Jesus neck chain made but switched to Mandela because, “Mandela is almost like Jesus to us!”

“I asked @stinothejeweler @schofieldandco for a Jesus piece, because I wanted to keep it classic. Then I thought hey, Mandela is almost like Jesus to us in this part of the 🌍 So why not make a “Madiba’s Piece” 💦💦💦💦,” AKA shared on Instagram.

Watch below.

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