Zahara Says She’s Not Alcoholic, She Just Enjoys Champagne Darling! Zahara is done being accused of being an alcoholic when there are celebs who really are alcoholic.

Whilst promoting her new album, the singer put down to rest the rumors that have been following her in the last couple of months about her alleged struggle with alcohol.

“Look I like champagne, not too much but the thing is I asked a lady from one newspaper why so many artists in the country, get uplifted by media even though they’re out there publicly drinking? But for me, you hear, you don’t see me. You hear that Zahara has a lot of alcohol at her house and then you go and write about that but there are so many people out there who drink,” she said.

“So firstly, I’m not an alcoholic all I know is that it doesn’t matter that sometimes I want to lay down and enjoy my champagne. Why is it wrong if I do that?”