Could this be the brewing new friendship in the entertainment industry we’ve been waiting for?

Lasizwe Dambuza and Ntando Duma are definitely the next generation of Superstars in South Africa and they are living up to the lifestyles enjoyed by their older and wealthier veterans in the game.

This past weekend Lasizwe and Ntando were out in Durban for a Mabala Noise event that they were booked to attend. Yes, they are both at that point of where they can charge a fee of up to R15000 to attend parties and events.

The pair looked cute posing on the beach and can you believe that Ntando just had a baby a few months ago?

Lasizwe has had some major success ever since he released his spoof videos on social media but the one video spoofing Bonang, AKA and DJ Zinhle and her infamous, “champagne darling” line got him into hot water and led the Queen to block the young vlogger. But it seems like all is well as Lasizwe appeared on Being Bonang as a commentator but then again that does not really mean that the Queen has forgiven the young vlogger.

Anyway, we can wait to see what the future holds for Lasizwe and Ntando.