The fact that a wedding that happened on Saturday is still top of mind for most South African’s 3 days later proves that the Dlamini-Jones white wedding is South Africa’s wedding of the year 2017.
People are scrambling for any tidbits they may not have yet seen and YouTube account, Trending SA (not to be confused with the show) has taken all the clips release around the wedding and put them into one video.

The video shows everything from the guests waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle to her bridesmaids strolling down ahead of her.
It also shows the guests enjoying the yummy treats and eats on offer as well as the menus at the post-wedding sit-down dinner.
There is also a clip of the bride enjoying that live Micasa performance we told you she wanted at the wedding. In fact, Micasa provided the soundtrack to i’step sa bridal party as they entered the wedding venue.
And what would a wedding be without the electric slide? You can fast-forward to the 8:10 mark to see it.
The decor, which was breathtaking, is the work of the team from Well Seated Events headed by Mizana Qata. Take a closer look at the details.
The Altar

The wine station 

The cake