AfriForum has charged that the Deputy President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa must buttress on his revelation about the ruling party’s agenda to take over everything white South Africans have in the country. The Forum said it wrote an open letter to the Deputy President regarding his comparison of whites to a frog in boiling water. Read Also – Exposed! Fake ANC Membership Cards Produced For Rigging Party’s Leadership Contest In the letter, the civil rights organisation asked Mr Ramaphosa to clarify the following statement attributed to him by late Dr Mario Oriani-Ambrosini in the latter’s memoirs:
In his brutal honesty, Ramaphosa told me of the ANC’s 25-year strategy to deal with the whites: it would be like boiling a frog alive, which is done by raising the temperature very slowly. Being cold-blooded, the frog does not notice the slow temperature increase, but if the temperature is raised suddenly, the frog will jump out of the water. He meant that the black majority would pass laws transferring wealth, land, and economic power from white to black slowly and incrementally, until the whites lost all they had gained in South Africa, but without taking too much from them at any given time to cause them to rebel or fight.
AfriForum specified that the remark above is “extremely concerning”. As such, the organisation is demanding that the Deputy President confirm if the statement accurately reflected his position or not. Meanwhile, a member of the National Executive Committee of the ANC, Lindiwe Sisulu has insinuated that desperate efforts are being made to tarnish Ramaphosa’s image so that he won’t emerge as the next President of the ANC and ultimately, South Africa’s President. Check Out – AfriForum To Lay Criminal Charges Against All Corrupt State Officials Commenting on the extramarital affairs allegations against the Deputy President, Sisulu said: “Why would it matter now what kind of man he is when it did not when he was chosen as the deputy president? If he had that problem, it should’ve surfaced a long time ago,” she added.