Pearl Thusi Shares Why She Grew Up Wanting To Marry White! Pearl Thusi appeared on Metro FM’s Breakfast Show Fresh Breakfast this morning where she opened up about her romantic relationships.

The newly single actress shared how she grew up watching women around her stay in unhappy and broken relationship and how that has affected her own relationships.

Pearl admitted that she has often stayed in relationships way longer than she should have. “As a young girl, I never saw black men do right to any of the women I was exposed to and I was watching the Bold and The Beautiful and Days of our Lives and these white guys were doing the right things. I think it was a subconscious thing,” Pearl said.

She went on to say now she has vowed to rather die alone than let her daughter think she has to stay in a broken relationship by forcing herself into a man’s heart.

“If you are not happy, get the hell out, unless you are really really willing to fight harder to make it work, and that is what I want for my child.”