A man who goes by the name of Okoye M.O has come forward on Instagram to put rapper, AKA's alleged side piece, Nicole Nyaba on blast for cheating.

He began with a very cryptic quote about trust issues, as one does during a break up (or right after getting screswed over by a love interest).

He then posted (and later deleted) this HECTIC video of an angry-looking Nyaba... Watch it below.
He then posted a cute video of a happy-looking Nyaba showing off a printed two-piece outfit at what looks like some sort of party, with the caption: 
"After-all love is above everything falling in love with you isn't a crime I'm proud of you because you made me find myself I was lost, you are the most beautiful woman in my world, I have never been connected to any woman in my life as much as I have been connected to you, being a side chick of another man is totally not acceptable, we all make mistakes and I have admitted to my own mistake, forgive and give me another chance, I really don't care about what other people say, let anyone who has never loved before step forward and judge me, I look through your eyes and see the future mother of all my kids, I adore you, I wanted a private relationship with you because I can't afford to lose you, I'm not a psycho I am just in love with you and I would do anything to protect that love"
The video has since been removed.
And his comments section quickly went wild...

He also posted a picture of the pair looking quite cozy.
He captioned it: 
"I'm sorry, I can't afford to lose a beautiful and a strong woman, I couldn't handle the pressure I had to drag us to the public, without you there is no me, a Leo's biggest asset is his heart, the public didn't know when we started this and I promise they won't see the end of us, if loving shows I'm weak, I would love to be weak forever."
A comparison to other shots of Nicole wearing a similar outfit shows that the picture above was taken sometime earlier this month.
There has not yet been any confirmation about whether or not what Okoye is saying is true and Nyaba could not be reached for comment.  


He has since posted a video of himself in what looks like Miami with Nyaba to prove his claims. He captioned the video: 
"I swore my privacy would be my net worth but I guess I lost that now. I have allowed my ego to control my emotions and my emotions controlled my brain and my brain controlled my fingers, it only shows I am human and human beings are bound to make mistakes Nicole has been my source of inspiration, she is an intelligent woman and I fell in love with the intelligence, I was hurt to see on the media that someone I see as mine is being labeled as another man's side chick, I believe any man who put himself in my shoes would feel the same way I felt the last thing I want right now is for us to be trolled, all we need right now is encouraging words and support not negativity, we worked together to build this relationship to this stage it is now and letting go is not an option. Thanks"
Take a look: 
Main image credit: instagram.com/nicolenyaba

Source: zalebs.com