Is Lasizwe Starting A Beef With Bonang? The comedian has gained quite a following on social media thanks to his funny skits with most poking fun at local celebs but is he aiming to get in queen B’s bad books.

After the whole AKA, Nicole Nyaba drama, Lasizwe made a parody episode reenacting how it should have played on Bonang’s reality show. Lasizwe feels Bonang’s reality show is not raw enough.

“Her show needs that personal element. We have never seen Bonang change. We have never seen Bonang in bed coughing. We never seen Bonang cooking or with her family crying. We have never seen her fighting with Kiernan. Everything is work mode. That element of reality TV is missing,” he said.

The skit got the young comedian blocked on social media by Bonang.

“I really really adore Bonang. I really love Bonang. She is my ultimate goal. I am not out here to shade her. It was a comedy satire so I don’t understand why she got touched and blocked me,” he said.

Watch the parody episode below.