Motivational speaker Criselda Dudumashe has been a source of inspiration for many people leading positive lives with HIV/Aids and on Tuesday reflected on how she was told she had two years to live.

Criselda took to social media to reflect on 19-year-old journey she has been on as a person living with HIV/Aids and the 'hopeless' she felt when doctors told her she had two years to live.

"'How long doctor?' as I barely whispered. I saw the blank look on his face. 'How long do I have, living with this?' Maximum, two years as you were lucky we discovered it early," Criselda wrote.

She revealed that she had to read her story to herself again as a source of motivation because although her immune system was "taking a knock" but she was not willing to give up.

"It's nineteen years later (and I'm still) I'm here. I just had to re-read my story as motivation to self. My immune system is taking a knock but I will not go down without a fight," she wrote and added a Bible scripture