Hulisani Ravele wasted no time in putting someone in their place after she was criticised for a topless cultural photoshoot she did recently. 
The TV personality shared a string of pictures of herself wearing a traditional skirt, bangles and without a top. 
While the pictures gained thousands of positive comments, one person said she was "dissapointed" by the half naked picture. 
"Been a queen in my eyes since you were on but today I am very sad because I never thought I would come across your half naked picture," said the person. 
Hulisani held nothing back.
"I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm sorry that you feel an expression and celebration of my culture is beneath your standards of all that is pure and right. God bless," she said. 
The TV personality's legions of fans also sprung to her defence applauding her for being proud of her culture. 

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