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EVA - We Are Family Teasers March 2018

We Are Family Teasers March 2018 – Upcoming EVA drama series ‘We Are Family’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for March 2018.

Coming up on We Are Family this March 2018:

Thursday 1 March 2018
Episode 123

Manuela/Ramona stays in the house to help at a business dinner Joaquín has organised, but she is shocked to see Santiago and his family there as Joaquín's guests.

Friday 2 March 2018
Episode 124

Manuela/Ramona gets desperate when she learns Santiago is Ferri and that he's going to become Joaquín's associate.

Monday 5 March 2018
Episode 125

Manuela/Ramona begs Pilar to keep away from Santiago, but Santiago can't avoid thinking about Manuela and calls her.

Tuesday 6 March 2018
Episode 126

Manuela/Ramona refuses to meet with Santiago, she lies and tells him she's in a relationship. Elsewhere, Pablo is shocked to find out he has another son.

Wednesday 7 March 2018
Episode 127

Manuela/Ramona becomes aware of the closeness between Joaquin and Julia. When she learns that Joaquin has gone for lunch with Julia, she can't stand it.

Thursday 8 March 2018
Episode 128

Joaquin and Julia agree on going on together, accepting whatever comes. Meanwhile, Olivia's designs are rejected by the producer of Nacho's video.

Friday 9 March 2018
Episode 129

Joaquín wonders why Manuela/Ramona and Santiago were holding hands. Later, Max and Pilar are ready to run the qualifying round with Lucho.

Monday 12 March 2018
Episode 130

Manuela/Ramona tells Joaquín part of the truth, she admits Santiago is Paloma's father. Joaquin suggests that she should tell the truth to both of them.

Tuesday 13 March 2018
Episode 131

Joaquín meets with Santiago and tells him he won't admit any discrimination against Pilar. However, he also talks to her, demanding a more mature attitude in her job.

Wednesday 14 March 2018
Episode 132

Joaquín talks Pilar into keeping a more professional attitude, leaving aside her childish reactions. Pilar understands but is not yet sure whether she'll manage.

Thursday 15 March 2018
Episode 133

Joaquín advises Manuela/Ramona to come clean with Santiago urgently. Elsewhere, Pablo finds comfort in Sonia who gives him a massage.

Friday 16 March 2018
Episode 134

Pilar goes to Joaquin and Manuela/Ramona and explains Delfi ran away on purpose so that Julia would be blamed.

Monday 19 March 2018
Episode 135

Joaquin and Manuela/Ramona try not to show how shocked they are after Pilar tells them Delfi wants to see them together as a couple.

Tuesday 20 March 2018
Episode 136

Lola finds Ramona in her husband's office and wants to know why she is there. Santiago helps Pilar, who fell from her bike during the race.

Wednesday 21 March 2018
Episode 137

Francisco tries to approach Flavia but they are interrupted by two public health officers who come to close down Flavia's bar.

Thursday 22 March 2018
Episode 138

Santiago is drunk and Joaquín takes him to the mansion. Manuela/Ramona is taken aback when he sees him sleeping on the couch the next day.

Friday 23 March 2018
Episode 139

Mara tells Francisco that Agustina was the one who planted the roaches in the bar and he goes to the editorial office to confront her.

Monday 26 March 2018
Episode 140

Joaquín is harsh with his father and he criticises him for not being there for him and Pablo when he had to.

Tuesday 27 March 2018
Episode 141

Joaquín is surprised to see Isidro playing with Junior and Delfi. Pablo warns Sonia not to behave as if she was the lady of the house.

Wednesday 28 March 2018
Episode 142

Joaquín swears to his father that he is not in love with Manuela/Ramona, but Isidro doesn't believe him.

Thursday 29 March 2018
Episode 143

Joaquín and Manuela/Ramona manage to handle the arguments working as a team, like the mom and dad Delfi sees in them.

Friday 30 March 2018
Episode 144

Joaquín and Manuela/Ramona are forced to spend the night in a hotel room. And although they sleep apart, they can't avoid fantasising.

Primetime episodes of We Are Family air Mondays to Fridays at 21h00 on EVA. Each episode premieres at 15h00 in the afternoon.
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