Euphonik Details How Bonang Would Attack Him After Drinking! Five years ago, Bonang’s fans were left disappointed and asking questions about why she had dropped charges on Euphonik being abusive towards her.

Euphonik’s side of the story which explains why Bonang dropped the charges has been revealed after an affidavit which had been kept a secret for five years leaked.

Euphonik’s claims of physical abuse at the hands of Bonang might have been the reason she dropped the charges. At the time, Bonang’s lawyer said it was because Euphonik had apologized to Bonang and they were going to solve the dispute privately.

“It is submitted that it is the applicant who cannot control her anger. During the subsistence of our relationship, and even today, the applicant is obsessively jealous and controlling and constantly accuses me of being unfaithful to her,” reads part of the affidavit.

“Whenever the applicant gets angry or upset she is verbally abusive towards me and often throws objects at me. This is exacerbated when the applicant has been consuming alcohol as she has been on the evening in question. This is what happened on the evening of the alleged assault.

“I know from my long history of dating the applicant that she becomes aggressive and emotional when drinking, especially when consuming wine and champagne as, it is submitted, she was doing on the evening in question.”