If you're a fan of Family Tree's first lady ten you know she loves her booty. Nadi "Bragga" Nakai is notorious for her punch lines and fashion sense but that booty deserves a reality.

So we can spend hours talking about how good her music is or how well she's doing for herself but can we take a moment to just appreciate the other amazing asset that Nadia brings to the table.

Nadia Nakia like many other local ZAlebs loves showing off her bikini bod but is different from the rest, Nadia actually has fans who worship her behind. In almost every music video, every photo shoot and even in a few of her songs, Nadia doesn't forget to throw in a little booty just to thirst trap some of us.

Let's take a look at all the time Nadia's booty took the crown.

One wrong move in this jumpsuit and we're about to see some things that our virgin eyes aren't ready for.