Media personality and South African icon, Khanyi Mbau, has officially been announced as the African face of international brand Slimatone Designed For Women

Khanyi Mbau started her career as an actress and is a well-known socialite. She has since expanded her career to Executive Producer, Television Host and successful business Woman.

Slimatone Designed For Women is a women’s lifestyle brand which research and develops wellness products. Products are manufactured in FDA approved facilities around the world, ensuring they surpass regularity requirements. Slimatone Designed for Women offers products specifically designed for women to assist her with her daily needs. In the 22nd Century a women is now a bread winner, business women and a mother. The Slimatone range is there to assist ladies in achieving their goals and provide products which help them reach greater heights

"It's been a long process but I'm so excited to finally share the good news. Slimatone Designed For Women and I are aiming to not only inspire Woman but make sure they change their lifestyle in a positive way" Khanyi Mbau

"We chose Khanyi because we were inspired by her story. Khanyi is a hard working single mother who is driven and ambitious to be successful and happy. Slimatone Designed for Women, we want to inspire ladies from all walks of life to becoming and being their best,'' Alexandra Botez, Marketing Director of Slimatone

The latest product to be offered to the South African market is Slimatone Stracura . The product took over 2 years of development before launching. Slimatone Stracura Reduces Stress, Improves Energy and Supports Relaxation. These claims have been proven and Slimatone Stracura goes to work immediately after the first dosage.

Khanyi uses our Slimatone Stracura to manage and cope with her hectic busy lifestyle. She always needs to be feeling her best and Slimatone Designed For Women helps her achieve this.