For a short while Sibongile Mani was the queen bee of her own celebrity bubble.

The 27-year-old accounting student at Walter Sisulu University in East London doled out favours to friends who slugged back shots of whisky – the kind that costs R700 a bottle.

Miss ManiBags and her posse swaggered around wearing expensive weaves, showing off iPhone 7s and other signals of success. Mani is accused of wearing a R3,000 Peruvian weave and arriving at lectures in designer clothes.

Then the Beyoncé fantasy burst, leaving Mani with the worst hangover of her life.

NSFAS Millionaire Sibongile Mani’s granny fuming She should have built me a house0

NSFAS Millionaire Sibongile Mani’s granny fuming "She should have built me a house"

The sobbing grandmother of Walter Sisulu University (WSU) student Sibongile Mani has pleaded for her to be forgiven, but is also disappo...

Alerted authorities

Her political opponents at the university let the cat out of the bag. Mani’s bank account had ballooned from a R1,400-a-month student loan to R14-million – and she was spending it like Grace Mugabe.

Although Mani now claims she alerted authorities to the surprise bonanza, records show that she immediately grabbed her bank card and embarked on a spending spree that amounted to R11,000 a day.

She squandered R818,000 in 73 days. At that rate it would have taken her four years to spend it all.

Mani is now heavily in debt and facing possible criminal charges.

Her spending spree created a media frenzy with headlines across the world. It sparked hundreds of memes and even prompted a parody Twitter account under the name Sibongile Money.

After promising to speak to the Sunday Times, the baby-faced student activist claimed – in a soft, quivering voice – that she was not well. She then broke down in tears before fleeing.

In an SMS she later informed the Sunday Times that she was seeing a psychologist to help her through the trauma.

Source : Times Live