While it’s common knowledge that choreographer Somizi Mhlongo can dance, it’s always fascinating to watch him move and his moves for the hottest song at the moment Thol’ukuthi hey are just on point!

Somizi was captured dancing with Bontle to the newly released song that went viral after DJ Euphonik capitalised on an opportunity to make two young artists (Killer kau and Mbali) famous.

Somizi shows off his smooth moves with a friend, showing Mzansi how to dance to the vibrant song.

The song’s catch phrase ‘Thol’ukuthi hey’ which loosely translates to “you’ll find that” in English has since became part of social media lingo.

Somizi used the phrase to praise women of different social standing as part of his women’s day celebrations.

“You strike a woman, you strike a rock. You may be a single mother working hard to fend for you kids, it’s a struggle but your kids don’t even feel it because everything is a success. You may find that you are young girl with a beautiful weave and nails, and you are still in varsity or matric but that doesn’t mean you are stupid or you are a blessee. You work hard. You may be a granny taking care of children in your household, from your grand kids and many others but everything is going well. Happy women’s day to you,” he said.