The cost of the tombstone has divided social media, with some saying it is ‘too much’, while others say the late actor deserved it.
Late Rhythm City actor and musician Dumi Masilela’s tombstone has left social media users divided over whether the cost was necessary. The 3-ton rotating tombstone reportedly cost R160 000.

Rhythm City to honor Dumi Masilela  in special way0

Rhythm City to honor Dumi Masilela in special way

Writers and producers at’s popular soapie Rhythm City are set to meet in the next few days to discuss how they will write late actor ...

Bataung Memorials CEO Lebohang Khitsane said the tombstone captured Masilela’s personality.

“We wanted to capture who Dumi was to his family, his friends and his fans across different platforms. So the stone was inspired by his multitalented nature. He was an actor, singer and soccer player, of course in addition to his other life roles like being a husband, son and brother,” he told TimesLive.

Three arrested for Dumi Masilela’s murder0

Three arrested for Dumi Masilela’s murder

Police have confirmed that three men have been arrested in connection with the attempted hijacking of late Rhythm City star Dumi Masilela...

They shared a video of his widow, Simphiwe Ngema, rotating her late husband’s tombstone after the funeral.

The Rhythm City actor died following a hijacking ordeal last week on Wednesday in Tembisa. Masilela spent the night fighting for his life in hospital after being shot during the attempted hijacking.

The cost of the tombstone has divided social media, with some saying it was “too much”, while some say he deserved it, as he worked hard for his money.

These were some of the comments:

“Bathong Simphiwe looks so it’s done..shem May God guide you in this new weird journey aggg..eish.”

“His mother and family would have done a lot with such money…what a waste.”

“It’s only in the black community where they will spend a million on you when you are dead.”

“When you are alive no one has money to even fund your education.This obsession about funerals in our black community must fall. It’s just stupid debt competition.”

“Clearly they have more don’t put yourself in people’s situations not everyone is struggling.”

“It’s his money he worked hard for,he does not have kids and his wife is independent so what is happening in masilela’s family it’s none of our business is’nt like we were going to benefit ezimalini zakhe.”

“Instead of donating that money to the less privileged for God’s sake, they decorate a grave, anyway everyone do as they wish with their money, lest ini phisi Dumi.”

“I don’t understand those people who are making fuss over a tombstone. its his money so ‘ANINGENI NDAWU’ what his wife and family does with the money I don’t think it should concern you bakithi!!!”