She’s never been the type of person to take life too seriously or let any negative feedback dim her light. If anything, Ntando is always the one that’s putting smiles on peoples faces every other day with her goofy ways.

She loves to post videos doing and saying the most ridiculous things, and the best part is when she dances. Ntando’s wild and outrageous personality is probably one of the reasons we love her so much. So in case you’re having one of those gloomy days, here are a few videos of Ntando to brighten up your day a bit.

Remember when haters called her an alien and then she posted this video imitating one?

And who could forget her business venture into the makeup business#MakeupByNtando ?

Church vibes anyone?

I think if we all lived without a care in the world like Ntando, we’d all live longer and much healthier lives.

Baby S’bahle will be a pro when she learns how to use a phone like mumzozo. That voice, hilarious! Those chubby thighs and feet are to die for!