The love we have all acquired for Khaya Dladla’s character GC has slowly become a bit of an obsession.
I mean is it possible to love a character so much?. It’s refreshing to see how Uzalo is portraying real life situations. After a breakup, most people go all out and do crazy things, things we didn’t even know were in them.
Losing Jojo is taking its toll on the flamboyant GC, he’s lost it completely and we might just lose him. He’s always been slick with his words and quick with replies but now, he’s just a little too extra.
More extra than he usually is and it’s starting to take its toll on his business and his friendships too. On Tuesday night’s episode, yet another employee walked out on GC, and DK again drove him straight to the bottle where he seems to find comfort. He is still on a drinking rampage and DK….well….DK is just looking out for herself honestly. She doesn’t really care about him. As bad news just keeps flooding in,GC will do more than just lose his business.
He’s friends have had it with his bad attitude and are tired of working for free and getting paid with excuses. While Thobile and Fikile have put themselves first, Smangele seems to be the only one who has GC’s best interests at heart. As difficult as it is to be near him with all the name calling and occasional insults, she is the only real friend he has left and is willing to stand by him.
This is how it happens in real life too, sometimes one goes through hardships that are unbearable to them that it usually forces even the truest of friends to walk away.
With GC found passed out on the floor all we can do is hope that whatever it is that’s eating him up doesn’t take away from the GC we’ve all grown to love.
Source : Zalebs