They’re viewed as thugs, villains and straight up trouble-makers but if there’s one thing we can’t deny about these actors is that they really know how to stay true to their characters.
Here are a few actors we wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley at night.

Pakamisa Zwedala's character Mcethe on Isikizi for his killings and rape

Bongani Maseko
Also known as Khaludjah on iSthembiso is one guy we’d be terrified of bumping into in a dingy corner whether it be during the day or at night. Bongani is just an all-around scary guy.

Known to chop people’s fingers off without squirming, Fingers is one man we would not want to cross paths with, even in an area filled with people. Knowing him he’d proably chop your fingers right infront of everyone.

Jerry Mofokeng wa Makhetha

He’s played a lot of characters that have terrorized many viewers throughout the years. By the way did you know that he also starred on Drake’s short film-Please Forgive Me?

Ronnie Nyakale
His character on Generations may be intimidating but not like his character on Yizo Yizo. Imagine having had a classmate like Papa Action, no thanks.

Sunday Nkabinde
It’s even worst that he plays the character of a witch doctor. If we bumped into Sunday Nkabinde in a dark alley it be pointless to run away from him as he’d probably cast a voodo spell on us to prevent anyone from running anyway.

Shaka Zulu’s witchdoctor

Seriously, if we came across this witch doctor in a field full of lilies on the sunniest of days we’d still be as terrified as the first day we saw the character on TV. You can never get used to this face and those glossy eyes.

We’re still unsure which actor played the role of Shaka Zulu’s witch doctor but we’ve heard through the grapevine that it was Nomsa Xaba who played the role, however we are not quite sure.

SUSPICIOUS. Israel Makoe, centre, has to be restrained by Warren Masemola, left, and Percy Matsemela, right.
“I was always around guys who had made it in the township and were feared and respected. I have been to jail; that is where my life changed. My time in jail made me realise that I was going to be in and out of jail for the rest of my life if I did not change my ways.”
The term iNumber Number is also closely linked to jail and it was Makoe who suggested the title to Marsh. Wits PhD candidate Xolani Tembu is writing a thesis titled, “The Performative Nature Of Tsotsi Taals post-Sophiatown: An Observation Of The Evolution Of A Grand ‘Stylect'”. He explains the origin of the term.
“iNumber Number comes from prison creole called shalambombo, which is now known as iscamtho,” says Tembu
Matthews  on isithunzi 

Baba Moloi (Zone 14)
Patrick Ndlovu is a fine actor potraying the character of Sizwe Moloi on SABC 1 drama series Zone 14