Euphonik was really a crowd favourite this past weekend,he made a star,produced a track and played the very same track in two clubs all in one night

A video that went viral early last week became a huge deal on Twitter, so much so that it even caught the attention of popular DJ and businessman, Euphonik.

A high school boy has been trending this past week for adding some spicy lyrics to the Distruction Boyz beat and Twitter called it #THOLUKUTIHEY.

The lyrics became popular for their opening line”THOLUKUTIHEY and as simple as that may seem, the song blew up instantly.

Euphonik reached out to the young man only known as Killerkau and brought him to a studio and together they put together what Twitter believes may be the biggest Gqom single of 2017.

Euphonik is on a mission as he also found Mbali as well.

The #THOLUKUTIHEY video also caught the attention of Cassper Nyovest who was interested in being featured on the track but was later discouraged by tweeps. Tweeps, with the help of our favorite politician Fikile Mbalula, discouraged Abhuti Fill Up by saying that his lyrical content wouldn’t fit with the style of the song and that they preferred if he “sat this one out”.

Prince Kaybee, on the other hand, showed his interest by expressing that when ever they’re ready for a remix, he is available.

All in one night, tweeps went from being editors of Bonang's book to producers of a Euphonik track. Tweeps were so proud of themselves that some jokingly opted to add their experiences to their CV, publishing editor and producer would look great on any CV right?

On the same night, the song was then played at two-night clubs and was received well by club-goers.