“They Told Me To Sing,” Vusi Nova Opens Up About His Hijacking Ordeal! The singer is recovering well and took time to share his unfortunate incident and the details of what exactly happened during those horrific two hours.

Vusi Nova shared that he was saying goodbye to four members of new group 047 when they were interrupted by thugs who pushed him to the back of his car and ordered that he put his head down. Three of the 047 group members managed to escape and the singer was left with one of them identified as Sihle.

“I later heard a gunshot and worried that they shot someone. He was hysterical. He was crying uncontrollably and I asked that they let him go and they wouldn’t. Instead they slapped me. I was so calm, it’s the kind of person I am.

“They slapped me many times… They said they would cut my d*ck off and my nipples and then kill me,” Vusi recalled.

Vusi says the criminals were screaming at him to show them where the tracker was. They also had his wallet and bank cards out asking for PINs.

“The one guy kept repeating: “We’re going to kill you, take you to the bush and cut off your nipples and penis,” he told the Sunday World.

Vusi was beaten and stripped naked during the incident and was left in just his underwear. He was later found in Soweto after a young woman recognized him and offered him a flimsy top.

“I was able to cover myself but it didn’t help with the cold.”