“The Country Was Looking For Someone To Blame,” Kelly On Senzo’s Death! Kelly Khumalo has been trolled and bullied on social media and often bombarded with questions about the night Senzo died.

The singer has kept her head up high through it all and ow she has finally shared why sh thinks people want to blame her for the football star’s death.

“I think the country was looking for someone to blame and I just happened to be there. I mean. if you really think about it, if I wanted to do what they were accusing me of doing, I wouldn’t have done it in front my children in my own mother’s home and to a person that I loved dearly,” Kelly told Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central.

On dealing with the negativity and social media trolls, Kelly says she is comfortable in her truth and not responsible for how other people choose to see that.

“I am very comfortable in who I am and everything that I have been through, whether good or bad.”