Season 2 of the highly acclaimed Mzansi Magic series got off to an explosive start picking up where season 2 left off after the second youngest Khoza son, Kagiso, exposed his mother, Harriet, for killing his father - Mzi Khoza.

We also got to pick up on the remnants of another bomb dropped by a new character played by Thato Molamu - who will be playing the now-deceased Jerry Maake’s long-lost son.

Harriet’s family quickly turned against her failing to believe her lies that she was set up and her own children have given Brutus and Shaka the go-ahead to deal with her if they find proof that the voice recording is original.

Meanwhie, in Thembisa, the Maake family tried to come to terms with the latest addition to their family.

Now that Goodness’ true identity has been revealed, why aren’t they telling us her real name?

They told us her mom’s name, which is Gracious and that part will be played by Rami Chuene who entered the scene in a hail of bullets. She will not be playing the role of Brutus' wife as we were previously told.

Goodness Gracious! (and Goldfinger… Geez) and did you see that house!!!?
Goodness The queen
Seeing as Kagiso has disowned Harriet, he took Goodness up on her offer to move in with her and her mother and as soon as Gracious found out that Kagiso is Harriet’s son, things got littttt!
After that entrance, we’re going to love seeing Gracious take over but then again, Harriet is quite a slippery character. When all is said and done, who will be left sitting on the throne as The Queen?
Connie Ferguson as Harriet Khoza
We’re so glad that the show will now air five nights a week at 9pm and the omnibus airs on Saturday morning’s from 11am onwards.