According to SABC news, Rhythm City producer, Yula Quinn has confirmed that they have suspended productions for a few days in honor of Dumi.
According to the report, the cast and crew of the production is said to still be in shock after the untimely passing of Dumi.

“They are overwhelmed by (the news). Everybody’s very saddened by the news and we have stopped production for a few days so that everybody can recover. There are plans for us to have counselling when everybody returns to work,” said Quinn.
Dumi was with his friend when the hijacking incident occurred, the news of his death came as a great shock to his family, so much so that even his aunt sadly passed away after hearing the news of Dumi’s death.

Peter Sephuma who plays the role of Miles Vilakazi also spoke to SABC news and expressed his sadness and anger towards crime in the country.

“They’ve taken the rhythm out of Rhythm City, secondly to the industry, how many more should we lose? We are losing more of these young ones to crime. We will never replace Dumisani, he was one of a kind.”

An emotional Jamie Bartlett (David Genaro) was on set with Dumi during his last day and had told the young actor that he was doing well in his craft as an actor.

“I was working with Dumi yesterday on the set, I was rolling the camera with him and I leaned forward and I said, you’re doing good work Dumi, he knew himself, he was humble, he was ambitious, he knew where he was going.”

In January, Jamie’s life was also in danger after he was also involved in a hijacking incident that almost claimed his life. Jamie was physically assaulted and dumped in the East Rand.

The Masilela family has been hit hard by Dumi’s sudden passing as they also buried his father last year around the same time.

May Dumi and his auntie’s soul rest in peace.