Palesa Madisakwane Shares Her Only Regret On Dating Nico Matlala! It was great whilst it lasted for Palesa and her ex Ben10 businessman Nico brief romance which turned nasty when it ended.

Now the news anchor is sharing the only regret she has from the relationship. Palesa told Drum that she really liked him and he made her happy. “We dated and we had fun,” Palesa says.

On what they did wrong, the mom of one says admits they made a mistake by sharing their relationship on social media. “I think the mistake we both made was publishing our social networks. There was a lot of noise around that,” Palesa told DRUM.

“I took a lot flak for dating a Ben 10. The way social media responded… I was shocked and hurt that women were throwing stones at me. I kept asking myself when would women support each other and come together.”