A widow, whose husband killed himself while on trial for allegedly raping his granddaughter, has said she will "never forgive" their  "wicked" granddaughter for accusing her husband of rape.
Megan Morrison wrote a letter begging her grandmother not to hate her but insisted her grandfather had indeed raped her (read here). However, Vivienne Harrison, 62, claims her teenage granddaughter was "lying" when she told police she was raped by her husband Malcolm, 74, between the ages of eight and 10.
Vivienne, who was married to Malcolm for 46 years, spoke out after her estranged granddaughter, 17, wrote a letter begging for a reconciliation. The grandma, from Sinfin, Derby, reacted to her granddaughter's letter and revealed she will never forgive her grandchild.
She told MailOnline: "It's all lies and she's wicked for taking away from me the best person in the world. Never for as long as I live will I forgive her or even give her the time of day for what she's done. I disown her. She killed my husband. And that goes for her mother, my own daughter too. They have brought shame on our family. I have nothing left in my life apart from a pot of ashes."
Mrs Harrison described her late husband as "a true gent and perfect father and grandfather who would never harm a soul". Malcolm denied the charges last year and was found dead on July 31 in a burning car in a suspected suicide. He died on the final day of his trial before he could have been convicted or found innocent of any offences. 
Mrs Harrison said: "And with hand on heart I bet they would have returned a not guilty verdict. He was totally innocent."
The mother-of-three, who is estranged from two of her children, added that her own "flesh and blood" had turned against her out of greed and to create "a surreal drama" which has wrecked her life.
She said: "If he had been guilty, believe me, I would have known it. But he couldn't live with that one per cent chance that maybe a jury may find him guilty and a judge send him to prison so he made the decision, he took his own life. In law it used to be you're innocent until proven guilty but now you're guilty until proven innocent."
Mrs Harrison is now disabled and recently suffered a stroke. She is being taken care of by her daughter Louisa Nelson - the only child she's at peace with. She has estranged herself from Vanessa for backing her daughter Meghan and has previously disowned son Jack Burton, 45, for personal reasons.  
She said of Meghan: "She's asking me to forgive her and not hate her for accusing my husband of something I know he never. She's evil and her lies have led him to taking his life and robbing me of my future."
For years Mrs Harrison shared "a happy and loving relationship" with her daughter and granddaughter and they even lived next door in the neighbouring modest council semi until two years ago. Mrs Harrison said her husband loved spending time with his family after returning from trips away. 
She said: "We'd take Megan to the cinema, to the shops, have a fun time, there was never anything untoward. He was a brilliant grand dad. Then I found out that Megan had a pal who claimed she had been abused by her uncle and Social Services paid for her to go to nice places and do nice things without her family. Then suddenly Megan said Pops, that's what she called her granddad, has been abusing me. I came out of the blue and I think her motive was greed and infamy but I never believed her for one moment.
"Why would she sit by his coffin and say she loved him if he had really hurt her. It is a figment of her imagination, what she claims happened. She never got on very well with her mum and seeked attention. My husband was a gentleman from the first day I met him. He always provided for me and the family and was never in trouble with the law. He would do anything for anyone and would never harm a fly. When he was arrested on suspicion of abuse I stuck by him. He re-assured me it was all lies and I never doubted him for a moment. I see my granddaughter walking past my house giving me V for victory signs as is she's won. She's goading me.
"But I'm finished with her forever and her mum, who had the cheek to send me a birthday card with a £20 note during my husband's trial. I tore them both up and posted them back to her and that is the last contact I've had."
Mrs Harrison's daughter Louisa Nelson, 43, a head chef from Derby who is caring for her mother, told MailOnline:
"My father was my best friend and would never harm anyone. Sadly Megan and her mum thrive on drama and have invented a story. He went off in his silver Mondeo Titanium car, his pride and joy, which he later set light to and died in.
"There was no suicide note, but what he did was a statement, he died before his accuser to prove a point, he was innocent. He couldn’t bear that people may judge him for something he never did. I would like your website readers to know that we have not sought a fee to give our side to the story but want to get across that we will never ever have contact with those two people ever again."